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Airport Websites

Vancouver International Airport - This is Vancouver International's official website. This site features flight information, and has an interesting arrivals and departures board. It also gives good information about the airport.

Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport - This is the official site of Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto. This site features the Airport Development Program, with news on the construction in and around the airport, and future plans of the airport. This site gives tourist information, and arriving/departing passenger information. It also gives a list of airlines serving the airport, and much more.

Edmonton International Airport - Allows you to check flight schedules, airlines serving Edmonton, terminal maps and services, and airport tenants. You can also check out Edmonton's City Center airport, and lots more!

Halifax International Airport - This site gives lots of passenger information from immigration to retail shops. There is lots of information on airline info, and general info as well.

David Hill's Montreal-Dorval Airport Enthusiast Page - This website gives lots of information and news on Dorval Airport, including the different airlines which visit Dorval. It mentions spotting areas, has a large photo gallery, and has a page on Bombardier's aircrafts.

David Hill's Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport Website - This website has information on Sainte-Hubert Airport. This website has a gallery of photos taken from Sainte-Hubert Airport, a charter round up page, aircraft movements page, and a resident aircraft page.

Aviation Photo Websites - This website has over 45,000 photos of airplanes from around the world, and lets you add your own photos to the website. This website also has a discussion forum, and has commercial aviation news.

Granite Airways - This site has many aviation photos from Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Prestwick airports, and from Hong Kong's Kai Tak. There are also screenshots from the flight simulator Fly!.

Airliner Photos On The Web - This website has photos of Swiss Airlines, Swissair DC4s, Alaskan Props, and the MATS Constellation. There is also a section of photos taken in Swiss airports, and another section taken at foreign airports.

Doug Bull's Commercial Aviation Photo Site - This site has a selection of photos from Wide body Aircraft to Narrow body Aircraft, Classic Aircraft, aircraft cabins, and travel images of places around the world.

AirNikon's Airline And Images - This website has many pictures from airlines that are no longer around, and has some great shots of MD11s, other Douglas aircraft, Desert Jets, Western Pacific, and many more pictures!. This website gives great information on choosing a camera for taking pictures of airplanes. A must for anyone interested in taking pictures of airplanes.

Just Planes - This website has airline news, links, videos, and pictures. There are photo contests, and you can even buy videos on line.

World Air Routes - This website contains information on their videos, which bring you inside the cockpit for many different flights on different types of aircraft. You can order the videos online, or just look around and check prices. This site also has some great photos from inside the cockpit.

The Trip.Com - This website has a flight tracker, discussion forum, gives aviation news of the day, and allows you to book a flight online.

Airline Websites

Canada 3000 - This is Canada 3000's official website. You can check out airfares and schedules, fleet information, corporate information, and much more!

Air Transat - This is Air Transat's official site. You can book flights, check flight schedules, get fleet information, and any other information you need.

Canadian Airlines - Is Canadian ready for Y2K? Find out here! Check out fleet information, alliance partners, press releases, career opportunities, news about Canadian Airlines, and a photo gallery.

Air Canada - allows you to book flights online, shows press releases, has flight schedules, and much more! There is no wonder why this is among the top on many people's lists when it comes to airline websites!

My Friend's Site

Ranma666's RPG The Riven Blade - This is my friend's site, and even though it doesn't contain anything about airplanes, it is still worth checking out.